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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 5 March, 2020


Patient Timeline

  • Pagination has been added to the Patient Timeline, which means you can navigate between pages quickly to find the information you are searching for. Now, when scrolling through the timeline, if you view a document and then return to the timeline the scrollbar position will be saved.

Radiology and Pathology

  • Additional Pathology/Radiology providers are available to select as your preferred provider.
    • Engadine Medical Imaging


  • The claim number/ID field has been moved underneath the employer field, ensuring you have an easier time when using the Worker Compensation template.

Bug Fixes


  • We’ve improved the process of inputting consult information. When you navigate away from the consult screen, your notes will be stored, and will be there when you return to that screen. This will help you to resume your consult as normal.

Appointment Book

  • We’ve updated the daily appointment count, ensuring you can see how many appointments are on that specific day.