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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 5 July, 2022

5 July, 2022


Immunisation Update – June 2022:

  • Changes have been made to differentiate the two different presentations of Adacel (pre-filled syringe and vial) due to differences in the latex status between the presentations.

Role permissions

  • A more granular permission has been created to allow for consult notes in the timeline to be restricted, for example to prevent administration staff from accessing. Please contact customer support if you wish to use this setting to restrict access.

 Bug Fixes

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) CarePlan Team Care Arrangements (TCAs)

  • An issue has been fixed where the CDM CarePlan for TCAs was previously unable to be saved and printed.

Cloning of specialist letters updates to the current date:

  • An issue has been fixed where specialist letters which were cloned weren’t updating to the current date.

Tax Invoice Address

  • An issue with addresses on invoices overlapping has been fixed.

Workers Compensation Billing Error Message

  • An unclear error message when selecting an account holder or employer while missing details has been improved.

Workers Compensation Invoices

  • An issue with workers compensation invoices being displayed incorrectly over multiple pages has been fixed.


Update: 6 July, 3.52pm AEST

MedicalDirector understands the importance of patient and GP privacy in your practice management software. An enhancement in Helix release 71 on Monday 4 July at 11pm AEST had unintended consequences for some practices’ user roles whereby some GP patient consult notes were not visible to other GPs and approved users.

The enhancement has been implemented to provide a more granular privacy permission for the patient record. Based on customer feedback, to resolve this issue, we have further expanded permissions within the application to recognise a broader range of roles. This issue is now resolved.

We apologise to affected practices for any impact this has caused.

Our support team is available should you need any assistance