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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 4 September, 2020


Electronic Prescribing

  • ePrescribing has been enabled for practices in Melbourne Metro in accordance with Government timelines.

Two-factor Authentication

  • We are starting to roll out two-factor Authentication for MedicalDirector Helix for increased security. Users will start to see this come into effect over the coming weeks.  Once you’ve downloaded an Authenticator app and completed the initial setup, when you login to Helix, you will be asked to verify your identity using a one-time code.

MedicalDirector Service Status

  • We’ve introduced MedicalDirector Status Page to keep you up to date on Helix system information, general maintenance, and service outages.  If you’re experiencing an issue in Helix, you can subscribe to receive alerts via email and SMS, or you can visit the Status Page for updates.


  • When processing a refund in Helix, we have simplified the workflow so that ‘manual refund’ has already been selected, saving time for your Admin staff.

Patient Extract

  • All scanned documents from DMS that have been assigned to patient, are now shown in the patient extract file under ‘Documents In’ section.

Phone Appointments

  • Patients’ phone numbers can now be captured in the appointment booking flow to make the Teleconsult workflow simpler. Also, the patient record can now be automatically updated with new phone numbers.

Care Plans

  • When creating a care plan, you can now complete the plan without capturing a patient’s height, weight or blood pressure, if deemed not clinically relevant to the plan or if you are unable to take measurements at the time, e.g. during a remote consultation.


  • Claims rejected by Medicare because they are of $0 amount, can now be accepted or resubmitted. This helps when a practitioner visits a patient outside the practice and an item worth $0 is created.

Bug Fixes

  • The time displayed on Bulk Bill, Receipts Issued and Patient Details reports are both now the same in preview and printed versions.
  • Issue reported by some practices when manually confirming or declining an appointment has been fixed
  • Issue reported by some practices when saving letters during consults has been fixed
  • A scrollbar has been added to show all items added to a consult on the billing screen. Previously when many items were present, they were not all visible.
  • Printing a BulkBill voucher from within the In Exception screen now works.
  • New items can no longer be added to a claim that is marked resolved.