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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 4 February, 2021



  • You can now use the given name field in the Address Book category when setting up a template.
  • The Deakin Membership Application form templates are now available.


  • Helix Reports now include a description that provides more details about what information is shown in the report and what it can be used for.

Active/Inactive patient management

You can now manage inactive patients, set rules for automatically changing a patient’s status to inactive, or manually set a patient’s status.

By default, the inactive feature will be set to ‘Never’ meaning that no patients will automatically be set to inactive although the function to manually inactivate a patient is still available.

To change this according to the preference of the practice, anyone of the access role of practice manager or administrator can apply the rule most suitable to the practice.

To do this, go to Settings -> click Patient Management at the top and then click the Active/Inactive tab.
View more detailed instructions.

Note: Every time the setting is changed, a synchronisation of the database is triggered. This synchronisation happens overnight, so changes will not be visible until the following day. Further, a change in setting may also override any manual changes to a patients active/inactive status in line with the new rule applied.

This feature will be gradually released over the coming 1-2 weeks, so if you do not see the option available for your practice yet, rest assured it will automatically be turned on for you shortly.

Bug Fixes


  • The description of items in an invoice printout were at times previously cut off. This is now fixed.