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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 30 March, 2022



  • The LEMI workflow has been enhanced to recommend a brand selection while prescribing by ingredient to minimise clinical risk.


  • For the March immunisation update, we have made changes to the immunisation details of few vaccines. This includes the addition of Sputnik vaccine for recording.


The following templates have now been added to Helix

  • Resident Care Conference Form

  • Lutheran Services – Community Visit Record

  • NPS Medicinewise Antipsych Review Checklist

  • Supportive and Palliative Care Indicators Tool

  • Verification of medical conditions

  • Mental Health Plan

  • Mental Health Review – k10

  • TAC WorkSafe Certificate Of Capacity

  • NSW S8 Referral for Alprazolam or Flunitrazepam

  • Vision Radiology

  • PBS Authority Application – Opioid

  • PIP – Indigenous Health Incentive

  • RACGP – IMPLANON NXT – Checklist & Consent Form

  • NSW Certificate Of Capacity-Fitness

  • NSW S8 Referral for Psychostimulant

Bug Fixes

Transaction Reports

  • Transaction reports now display correct total values compared to the sum of invoices calculated for each user

Blocked Appointment

  • Blocked appointments can now be edited

Data extract

  • Patient and other data can now be extracted to PDF