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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 3 April, 2020

3 April, 2020

What’s New

Advanced Search

  • When looking at any search results, you can create a recall for those patients.


Advanced Search

  • You now have a search option to include deceased patients.
  • You can now add multiple terms at once in the medical filter section (e.g. multiple conditions, medications, allergies and/or vaccinations).

Work Areas

  • There is a change to the error message that appears in the billing screen if a work-area is selected that is not relevant to the Practitioner. Instead of a code, it will now show a work area name.

Bug Fixes

Pathology Results

  • The header text in pathology results has been corrected so it doesn’t overlap the result.


  • The SMS Template Creator has been fixed to provide an accurate number of SMS messages that will be sent for a single reminder.