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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 28 July, 2021

New Feature

Bulk document uploading

  • You can now upload documents via the DMS in bulk. You can select up to 25 files at a time, each document must be less than 30MB.


Medicare/DVA Fee file updates

  • The latest Medicare Fee Item Updates (valid from 1st of July) is now available to download

Referral Form Template

  • The Queensland Children’s Hospital Referral-form template is now available in Helix.


Reason for visit

  • You can now select to add immunisation as the reason for the visit by selecting a checkbox during the immunisation recording workflow. 

Recalls for Immunisations

  • You can now select to have a recall automatically created as part of the immunisation recording workflow. This is available for COVID-19 Vaccinations (defaults to 12 weeks for AstraZeneca and 3 weeks for Pfizer) and for Flu vaccinations (defaults to 12 months). The time period can be changed within the vaccination workflow if required.

Quick Selection Batch Numbers

  • The last 3 batch numbers for each vaccination type will be saved and shown for quick selection during the immunisation workflow.

Bug Fixes

Displaying active work areas

  • Active work areas are now displayed centre when Helix users login.

Tyro Invoices

  • Users with long usernames can now enter tyro invoices.

OPV Check 

  • Editing/changing the IRN number for a patient with a valid Medicare number will now perform a new OPV check immediately.