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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 27 July, 2023

27 July, 2023

New features🎁

Recalls: Patient recalls has been improved with the following new features: 

  • Custom recall reasons – Recall reasons that practices use to customise, in addition to the current in-built reasons.
  • Recurring recalls – Repeat recalls at timed intervals determined by the practice
  • Recall SMS templates – Create and send SMS recall messages to patients, using a variety of SMS templates that can be created and customised per recall reason.
  • Recalls dashboard – the dashboard for Nurses and Practice Managers has been equipped with additional information to track patient response:
    • Number of attempts (on a recall)
    • Age of the patient
    • Highlight recalls past their due date
    • Print a recall (either with or without counting it as an attempt)

More information and documentation on recalls is available here


Collapsible report descriptions: A collapse and expand feature is now available for report descriptions. This allows more room on the page to show the report parameters.

Bug fixes🐛

Inactive patients showing in general patient report: This has been resolved and the General Patient report now only shows active patients.

Console error when switching from My Health Record upload to other reports: This has been resolved and users can now switch between reports.

Visual illusion of recall comments appearing under wrong patient in the Recalls Dashboard: This has been resolved and previous confusion caused in how comments are displayed has been corrected.

Appointment status colour from appointment card not displaying on appointment reminder timeline: This has been resolved and the correct appointment status colour is displaying. 

SMS appointment reminders incorrectly displaying when it would be automatically sent: This issue has now been resolved (note that this was a visual bug only and did not impact when the actual SMS reminders were sent). 

Incorrect time displayed on the Appointment Reminder timeline (incorrectly displaying the current time instead of the time sent): This issue has now been resolved and shows the correct date and time of when an SMS is sent.