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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 26 May, 2022

26 May, 2022


The following templates have now been added to Helix

  • OGUK: Certificate of Fitness for Work at Restricted Destinations
  • OGUK: Offshore unsuccessful applicant
  • OGUK: Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Work
  • PHN-Funded Mental Health Stepped Care Services
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Referral
  • Alfred Health – Victorian Melanoma Service
  • ATSI Updated Health Check 0 – 5
  • ATSI Updated Health Check, 12-24
  • Diagnostic Imaging – Adelaide MRI
  • Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales

Bug Fixes

Route field no longer editable in printed prescription

  • We have addressed an issue where the route field was previously editable in the printed prescription.

Allergy Screen display fixed

  • We have addressed a display issue where the action items and text were previously overlapping due to multiple allergies in the Allergy screen being displayed when scrolling was introduced.

Special Characters in Service Text

  • We have addressed an issue with special characters in service text not being recognised by Services Australia.

Unallocated amounts in receipts by item number report

  • We have addressed an issue with unallocated amounts appearing in the receipts by item number report.

Incorrect amount

  • An issue where incorrect amount is displayed for duplicate claim/batch records has been fixed


  • An issue where the files and next button wasn’t disabled even if mandatory information had not been filled out has been fixed


  • An issue where the copy and paste function for these numbers was not working has been fixed

Printed Prescriptions

  • An issue where error validation was incorrectly shown in the date filed for printed prescriptions has been fixed