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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 23 June, 2022

23 June, 2022


ePrescription SMS subsidy

  • The ePrescription SMS subsidy has been updated in line with the Department of Health’s announcement it will continue to reimburse the cost of electronic prescribing SMS notifications to at least 30 September 2022.

Ancillary Provider Number

  • Functionality to include the ancillary provider number in the centre settings for all roles has been implemented.

Bug Fixes

Ready to Bill

  • A bug where adjusting billing items after a visit has been ‘issued’ resulted in the status changing to ‘ready to bill’ has now been resolved to remain as ‘issued’.

Appointment book

  • An issue has been fixed where the cut/copy and paste of an appointment in the appointment book did not work when pasting into time slots outside the current week as well as minor styling issues in the appointment book cards have been fixed.


  • An issue where a duplicate record was created for an online appointment has been fixed.