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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 22 January, 2021



  • Active Ingredient Prescribing (AIP) is now available,  which enables the inclusion of active ingredient names on all RPBS/PBS prescriptions, and allows for the identification of a brand if the prescriber deems this to be clinically appropriate for the treatment of the patient. To assist you while prescribing, we have visual cues and warnings when it is clinically relevant to consider brand inclusion for the LMBC drugs (list of medicines for brand consideration), and when the it is not a part of Active Ingredient Prescribing (AIP) legislation such as the LEMI list (List of excluded medicinal items).


  • Tasks can now be archived from from the patient timeline and patient consult.
  • A task that has been archived is no longer visible or can be brought back with a filter.
  • A task can be archived by anyone who has access to see the task.


  • Claims with errors will display a warning if they would be rejected by Medicare.
  • Claims with errors may still be batched but not transmitted.
  • When attempting to transmit a batch to Medicar and it contains claims with errors, the user is prompted to remove the claims with errors so that the remaining claims can be transmitted.
  • Claims removed from a batch can be managed in the unbatched claims section.


  • An Application for approval template to prescribe controlled medicines is now available.
  • A referral template for Heartscope Victoria is now available.


Bug Fixes

  • Task details now load correctly for the relevant patient where previously it was not always displayed accurately.
  • The Billing item search on the patient health summary is no longer cleared from the search if the related item was deleted.
  • The billing type no longer changes from private to Medicare when changing via the appointment.