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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 21 July, 2022

21 July, 2022


  • Removal of handwritten requirements for S8 drug prescriptions in Queensland: Following recent prescription legislation changes in Queensland, healthcare practitioners are no longer required to handwrite details when prescribing S8 drugs. The prompt and space for the handwritten component on the prescription has been removed for Queensland based medical practices.
  • New ‘Medical Reference Number’ field in patient demographic: A new Medical Record Number field has been added to patient demographics. This can be used to identify a patient across multiple systems. In future, practices will be able to search patient records using this identifier.
  • Patient and provider matching accuracy for inbox results: Enhancements have been implemented to improve the accuracy of the inbox results matching against patients and the provider.
  • Select multiple inbox items and reassign to another healthcare provider: A new functionality enables the selection of multiple items for bulk action, including selecting multiple inbox items to reassign to another healthcare provider in your practice.
  • New patient filter with ‘All’ and ‘Unmatched’ option in inbox: A patient filter in the inbox with ‘All’ and ‘Unmatched’ options has been introduced to support bulk actions. ‘All’ inbox results from your practice can be viewed, in addition to any inbox results which have not been matched against a patient. View the quick demo in the below video.