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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 21 January, 2022

New Features

SMD (secure message delivery)

  • The directory look up will be hidden from within address book



Immunisation Update 

  • (COVID-19 Support) Four new vaccines have been added to Helix. These vaccines include: CORONAVAC, BBIBP-CorV (Sinopharm), COVASIN, COVISHIELD
  • In addition, this enhancement will now allow patient’s to be recalled for their next vaccination appointment and a reason will be provided for their visit

Telehealth notes

  • The notes made in the appointment is now carried across to the queue for telehealth appointments



The following templates have now been added to Helix

    • (COVID-19 Support) Consent form
    • (COVID-19 Support) Clearance form 
    • Redcliffe Hospital – Metro North QLD
    • The Prince Charles Hospital – Metro North Health QLD
    • Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital – Metro North Health
    • QLD Template – Caboolture Hospital
    • QLD Template – Palliative care
    • QLD Template – Maternity shared care
    • QLD Template – General pediatrics
    • QLD Template – Community and Oral Health
    • Tennant Creek General Practice Territory Pathology
    • Deagon Family Medical Centre – Mater hospital referral
    • Deagon Family Medical Centre – TeamCare coordination referral
    • Additions to the Generic Pathology template


    Bug Fixes

    Inbox (Results)

    • Dates for results coming from pathology / radiology providers where the sending lab or facility has not specified a time zone offset will now be interpreted as belonging to the target centre’s time zone instead of UTC.

    The real time prescription monitoring warning prompt now displays

    • Practices using the Realtime Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) features (QScripts) will now receive warning prompts on display when using the ‘Quick Prescribe’ or for prescriptions on repeat. 


    • Draft invoices that are deleted will no longer appear in the Outstanding Balance Report


    • Health care professional details will now be required to create a recall

    SMD Outbox

    • Health summary documents will now load as usual 

    Appointment book

    • Changing HCP in the week view will no longer load the day view

          Referring HCP

          • Details of the referring health care professional will now show correct information