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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 19 March, 2020

What’s New

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Based on advice from our Chief Medical Officer, we have released the following items in Helix to support practices dealing with COVID-19.


Radiology and Pathology

  • Additional Pathology/Radiology providers are available to select as your preferred provider.
    • Illawarra Radiology Group
    • PRP Diagnostic Imaging
    • Cervical Screening Test types have been introduced to replace the outdated pap-smear test type.

Letter Writer Templates

  • A new template GP Eating Disorders Plan (EDP) has been added to the Letter Writer and can be accessed from the search field.

Transaction History Screen

  • The default setting for the transaction history screen of each patient filters to the status ‘All’ instead of ‘Unpaid & Unfinalised’.

Outstanding Balance Report

  • The Outstanding Balance Report now splits any item billed against the Healthcare Provider (HTP) and items billed to the Centre (CTR). CTR items now appear as additional line items in the third section of the report.

Bug Fixes

SMS Reminders

  • For sites with over 200 user accounts, SMS reminders can now be sent.