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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 18 February, 2021


SMS Recalls

Recalls can now be sent via SMS.

How to send a recall as SMS: In the recall screen simply select the patient for whom you want to send an SMS too (they need to have opted in to receiving SMS messages as well as have a valid mobile number), this will activate two buttons at the top allowing you to either send the message as SMS or print it out as a recall letter. Selecting the SMS option will send a message to the patient informing them of the recall, and to contact the practices to make a booking.

Note: This is just the first release in improving the management of recalls. In upcoming releases we will add items such as:

  • Ability to customise SMS and recall messages/letters,
  • Set preferred recall communication method,
  • Ability to print the recall list,
  • Updated filtering,
  • Ability to customise the default recall period,
  • Ability to add/edit your own recall types,
  • General fixes and improvements based on your feedback.


  • Community Specialist Palliative Care referral has been added to the list of templates and can be used in letter writer.
  • The following assessment templates have been improved by adding important Practice, Practitioner and Patient contact details to the assessment template.
    • Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
    • Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression
    • Mini Mental State Examination
    • DASS 21
    • K10
    • Asthma Action Plan
    • Nutrition Assessment
    • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
    • Medications Review
    • Epworth Sleepiness Scale