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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 17 December, 2021

New Features

Medication Charts

  • You will now be able to create medication charts in Helix and easily hand over the medication details to the patients on nursing home visits. We have provided the ability to create, save, preview and print these charts and also access it in the patient timeline.

SMD (secure message delivery)

  • We are in the process of beginning the rollout of the SMD capability in Helix. This will first be trialled by a small number of customers prior to it being turned on for all users (over the coming weeks). You will be notified within Helix when this feature is available with a link to instructions on how to use this feature.



Online Appointments

  • Appointment types for appointments created in Helix are now available to your online appointments provider for recalls.

Patient Search

  • Sequence numbers can now be used when searching for vaccination status. This will allow you to search for patients who have received their second vaccination so that you can assess if they are eligible for a booster. Leaving it blank will show all vaccinations.


  • The Mental Health Assessment template has been added to Helix
  • The Hospital Emergency Department Attendance template has been added to Helix
  • The Mater Imaging template has been added to Helix


Bug Fixes

Patient extract

  • An issue where some data failed to be extracted has now been fixed.

Work cover certificate

  • An issue where the work cover certification shows up as blank has been fixed.