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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 16 February, 2022


Monash Incentive Fee Items

  • To comply with the Rural Bulk-Billing Incentives Changes introduced in January 2022, the admin user is now able to update the incentive fee item in the Centre Management area. The new incentive fee item will appear by default in both the consult and the visit screen.To update your Monash Incentive Fee Item number:
    1. Login as Admin

    2. Select Centre settings

    3. Select Billing

    4. Type new item number in the “Bulk Billing Default Incentive Item No:” field

    5. Save


SMD (Secure Message Delivery)

  • Added support for HL7 file extension acknowledgements when receiving documents


  • For clinicians and practitioners, a patient’s phone numbers, email address and healthcare coverage options now displays in a tooltip in the blue header

Patient Panel

  • For practice managers and receptionists, the email address can now be copied from the patient bio panel 



The following templates have now been added to Helix

  • (COVID-19 support) Negative response Letter
  • (COVID-19 support) Asymptomatic response.
  • Bowel Cancer Screening Program
  • Deagon Family Medical Centre Templates – Mind Referral
  • Deagon Family Medical Centre Templates – Persistent Pain Management Referral
  • Deagon Family Medical Centre Templates –Asthma Aust Referral
  • Deagon Family Medical Centre Templates – QCH Referral
  • Deagon Family Medical Centre Templates –TeamCare Coordination Referral
  • Deagon Family Medical Centre – Templates-Mater Hospital Referral
  • Lumus Imaging-QLD
  • (COVID-19 support) consent form
  • Comprehensive Medical Assessment.
  • Tennant Creek General Practice Territory Pathology
  • Tennant Creek General Practice NT Gov Imaging Request
  • Croydon Medical Centre – SA Radiology
  • Lumus Imaging-QLD
  • Benson Radiology
  • Generic Pathology (without Stationary)


Bug Fixes

Clinical Information Fix

  • Previous patient’s clinical information will no longer be displayed on the current patient’s timeline or consult regardless of poor network connection.

DMS (Document Management System)

  • When scanning multiple documents, they will now appear in the correct order
  • The recalls section no longer shows occasional missing details in the comments column