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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 13 April, 2023

13 April, 2023

Here are some of the new features and enhancements you’ll find in the latest Helix product update as well as our latest what’s new in Helix video. 👀 

SMD organisation search: In addition to sending messages to individual practitioners, you can now search for and send secure messages to organisations in the Healthlink provider directory. If a patient requests a referral to ‘ABC Psychologists’, for example, instead of searching for a specialist working at the clinic outside of Helix and then looking them up by name on the Healthlink directory, you can search for ‘ABC Psychologists’ in the directory lookup within the Helix letter writer and then address the letter to the practice.

Remove from the queue: Based on your feedback, we’ve developed a new feature that will make managing patient queues easier and more efficient. Helix users shared that sometimes patients are mistakenly checked in, or there may be duplicates or early departures that disrupt the flow of the queue. With our latest enhancement, you’ll be able to easily remove these patients from the queue, saving you time and keeping your queue organised throughout the day.

Northern Territory Department of Health Radiology request template: This template includes a ‘preferred name’ field and other tweaks to improve readability.

Recalls: Two of the enhancements around recalls that are currently in the works have been released . We’ll be bringing you further recalls enhancements soon.

Recalls past the due date will now be highlighted in RED to identify where a patient response may be pending.

The patient’s age is also displayed in weeks, months and years based on the following breakdown. This helps practices follow up on critical recalls for minor patients and the elderly.

  • Up to 16 weeks is displayed as ‘week(s)’
  • After 16 weeks – ‘months’
  • After 12 months – ‘year(s)’
  • Birth up to 6 days is displayed as 0W (0 weeks)