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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 12 September, 2023

12 September, 2023


RACGP Active Patient report: This report has been enhanced to show RACGP patients who have had three or more visits within the last two years.

The previous RACGP active patient report was including Helix active patient status along with RACGP logic and was giving inconsistent results in the report.

The “Active as of” date will automatically be set to the current day capturing patients who meet the RACGP definition two years from today.

To view historical data select a date in the past to produce results in two year periods, e.g. 1st Jan 2016 to 1st Jan 2018.


‘Whitlam’ added to suburb list: The ACT suburb of ‘Whitlam’ has been added into Helix.