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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 1 October, 2020


ePrescribing (for customers with ePrescribing enabled)

  • Prescriber qualification is now mandatory for ePrescribing and must be set up in user settings.
  • For users who have ePrescribing enabled, we have improved the visibility of ePrescription transmissions so you can easily identify the status of prescriptions you’ve sent electronically. You can see the outcome of each script — whether it is sent successfully, resent, or deleted, as well as see any failures, in the timeline.

    Confidential Consults

    • Consultations in Helix can now be marked as confidential. Only the healthcare professional who created the consult will be able to see the reason for visit and consult notes within the practice – this is especially important for mental health and other sensitive consultation types.

    Telehealth and Phone Appointments

    • Patients booked in for a telehealth or phone consult can now be automatically added to the appointment book 10 minutes prior to their appointment, to support the fact they won’t arrive at the premises to be “arrived” in the appointment book. This feature is not enabled by default. To have it enabled, please contact us.

    Audit/Roles and Permissions

    • You can now track changes made to roles and permissions, and individual settings for different users in your practice. You can see who made the changes and what changes were made.

    Medicare Claims

    • Claims that are resolved are now visible in the exceptions screen. And, clicking them will reveal the details of each claim.

    New Templates

    • The Queensland Police Service Academy Medical Centre trauma sheet template has been added
    • The Women’s Ultrsound Malvern template has been added

    End User Licence Agreement

    • Security is important to us, and so the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) can now be accessed at any time via the taskbar menu on the bottom left corner of Helix.

    Bug Fixes

    • A bug that prevented users from downloading files from migrated data has been fixed.
    • The state/territory field was previously not editable when creating a new patient. A patient had to be saved before it was possible. This is now fixed.
    • A bug that resulted in a horizontal scrollbar sometimes appearing in the timeline has been fixed.