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Helix Updates

Helix Release Notes – 01 June, 2023

1 June, 2023

Update on new feature currently in beta evaluation: Communications Log

Communications Log is currently being evaluated by our beta release users to make sure its providing the value we intended. Our apologies for getting ahead of ourselves with our earlier communications on this. We are planning to release this feature to all Helix users shortly following the beta evaluation.


Bug Fix 🐛

  • Claims stuck in Transmit status: Issue resolved where claims previously stuck in the Transmit status during the batching process, can now be retransmit. 

Claims that can be retransmitted will now be indicated in orange. You will now have the ability to retransmit to Medicare. Other claims containing errors, will still follow the same workflow where you will be required to ‘Unblock batch’.

If you do not have the permissions enabled to undertake the Retransmit, please reach out to our Helix Customer Support team.