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Clinical Updates

MedicalDirector Insights 1.8.17 Update

MedicalDirector Insights 1.8.17 is now available for your practice to meet the latest Department of Health and NSW Ministry of Health (for those practices in NSW) requirements for the January 2023 nKPI and NSW KPI reporting period.

What do I need to do?

  1. Download and run the .exe file, then follow the instructions as prompted for installation.
  2. Once the new MedicalDirector Insights 1.8.17 version has been installed, you will need to generate a new Ad-hoc collection before you run your nKPI reports.
  3. Navigate to Reporting, and then click nKPI’s. Please review the output of the report and record any unexpected results.
  4. Submit your nKPI report to the Health Data portal.
  5. Log into the health data portal
  6. Locate your new nKPI submission and review the results.

Simply download and run the file on your workstation.

Download (EXE 50MB)

Upgrade Prerequisites

  • Clinical & Pracsoft 3.16+
  • Workstation – Win 7 and above
  • Server – Win 2008 and above
  • Database – SQL Server 2005 & above