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Clinical Updates

February 2021 Clinical Drug MDref Update

1 February, 2021

The update is a differential update that builds on the most recent full build released, December 2020.

We strongly recommend that you update your MDref database every month. Monthly PBS changes, including new items, Streamlined Authority changes and PBS pricing details, are included in the monthly MDref update. Without this data, you are at risk of creating invalid PBS scripts.

Click here for a full list of drug database changes in this MDref update.

Download February 2021 Drug Update (108 MB)

This update also includes the following:

  • Updated Pathology List
    • Capital Pathology
    • Douglas Hanly Moir Pathology
    • North West Pathology
    • Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology
    • Melbourne Pathology
  • Updated Travel Medicine Information
  • Several Template Updates


  • This differential update may only be applied over the following MDref release:
    • December 2020