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Bluechip Updates

Bluechip Microsoft Word Update

As you may have experienced Bluechip has been impacted by a recent forced Microsoft Word (MS Word) update. This update makes changes to registry settings and has impacted MS Word from being opened within the Bluechip software.

Our Support Team have invested hundreds of hours helping customers make changes to their registry settings to circumnavigate this problem. However, the most recent update for MS Word is overriding these changes, this means making the registry changes is no longer a feasible solution.

Our development team are working directly with Microsoft to find a permanent solution, this is being treated as the highest priority by both parties. We will update you here as soon as we have an update.

If you still need MS Word in the interim, you can make this happen by simply changing your Bluechip settings to open MS Word externally. This will allow Word to be utilized outside of Bluechip rather than within the Bluechip window. Although Word opens externally using this setting, it still allows for documents to be saved within Bluechip and shared or printed as usual. The instructions for changing this setting can be viewed here.

If you already have an open case for this issue, you are not required to take any further action. However, if you do NOT have an open case, simply head to the below link to log a case, be sure to include ‘Bluechip MS Word Issue’ in the description.

Log A Case

Helpful Hint: Our Support Team will be relying on the same Bluechip page for updates from our development team and Microsoft, so please make the most of these updates being shared publicly to avoid waiting unnecessarily for support.