Patient engagement leads to improved outcomes

Benefits of improved patient engagement:

  • Reduced costs: Technology such as EMR/EHR can help improve workflow through the use of shared information. This can reduce or eliminate paperwork, ensure accurate information and provide patients with a better experience.
  • Increased communication: Through the use of technology, GPs and patients can communicate with one another more often and provide updates or changes on the patient’s condition.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: Through increased communication and greater transparency around patient health, patients are more confident regarding the nature of their condition and diagnoses.
  • Population health: Through the improvement of health-related information systems, scientists can analyse public health data that can help to identify trends and improve outcomes.

Booking flexibility for your patients.

With Helix and Marketplace combined, you can offer patients greater flexibility when booking appointments online. On average, practice bookings increase 215% when practices allow more streamlined online booking systems.

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Reduce no-shows with SMS reminders.

MedicalDirector’s automated SMS service reduces no-shows and efficiently notifies your patients about their appointments and test results.

Keep your patients informed.

Provide the best possible patient care by keeping your patients up-to-date with the latest clinical information about their condition between appointments.

patients informed

Helix and Marketplace integrations help increase patient engagement.

  • A new generation of cloud-based EHR
  • Patient-centred workflows to improve delivery of common clinical tasks
  • Software that meets doctors’ needs
  • Optimised user experience designed around how GPs think
  • Tailoring your health software to your practices’ needs
  • Extensive selection of partner solutions
  • Handpicked for their proven effectiveness and innovation
  • Authorised integrations to give you peace of mind
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