Medicines Information

Australia’s most comprehensive database for medicines information is at your fingertips. Quickly discover the contents of drugs so you can prescribe and advise your patients about the best options for their circumstances.

Comprehensive and up-to-date medical information

MedicalDirector’s leading AusDI database is Australia's most comprehensive and up-to-date database of medicines content and contains pharmaceutical company product information (PI), consumer medicine information (CMI) documents, product summaries, and pill images, as well as interaction and safety information. AusDI also includes independent drug monographs that have been authored by our Australian based editorial team of pharmacists over 18 years.

Trusted information that’s updated daily

No other Australian database compares in its depth of coverage or data. Updated daily by an Australian editorial team under the guidance of an independent Editorial Advisory Committee, the system features the latest medicines information from the PBS schedule, as well as information regarding a range of discontinued products, including batch expiry dates.

No software installation

The web-based system can be accessed simply without the need to download added software on your device. Access the database on your desktop or a portable device, such as your phone, tablet or laptop, for quick access to medicines information when your patients are depending on you.

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