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What's new in Helix

Integrated telehealth consultations

With Telehealth in Helix, patients will be sent a secure link prior to their consultation, while GPs can simply launch a Telehealth consultation from within the patient record. Unlike alternative solutions, that use multiple devices or applications, you can update the patient notes and history in an alongside window utilising a safe connection and without the risk of having the wrong patient record open during a Telehealth consultation.


Electronic prescriptions have now been enabled in MedicalDirector Helix for prescribers in Melbourne Metro.

We have prepared a resource pack which includes everything you need to get up and running — set up instructions, how-to guides, Government requirements, and more.

Patient Demographic Search and Reporting

Practices can search criteria to identify and create patient cohorts utilising Patient Demographics, Conditions, Medications and Allergies.

Improved Pathology and Radiology

Create personalised groups of pathology tests and mark commonly used tests as favourites.  Simply set-up a default or preferred pathology or imaging providers for your practice. Automatically and securely receive all diagnostic result files (HL7), reports and summaries from Australian Clinical Labs (ACL), iMED and Sonic Healthcare once all configuration and set-up have been completed. 30 new Pathology and Imaging lab requests templates from across Australia have been added, listed to include Laboratory name, City and State.

Refining the Appointment Book experience

You can now use the block/unavailable appointment type to book a non-patient appointment.

Medicare EasyClaim for Patient Claims (Fully Paid) with Tyro

This integration supports GP claims. Patients can now swipe their EFTPOS card through the terminal and receive their Medicare rebate back almost immediately. The patient leaves the practice with their rebate in their bank account.

Receive correspondence securely

You can receive incoming messages with both Healthlink and  Medical-Objects.

Flexibility to create and modify templates for your practice

You can create new templates or modify existing templates. Template Management also offers the capability to upload and modify existing .rtf files. Build more advanced templates by using user-defined fields such as text boxes, drop-down lists, and check-boxes, which allow you to better structure your consultation and enhance overall patient interaction. Upload and download templates with user-defined fields, providing you with more flexibility when building templates. Learn how to use Template Editor with our easy to follow Videos.

High-risk alerts with SafeScript (Victoria only)

Provides clinicians alerts whenever a high-risk medication is being prescribed to a patient. Allows clinicians to make safer decisions when prescribing monitored drugs to a patient.

DVA prescribing

DVA patients can now to obtain PBS authority medications under subsidy, you can now prescribe and print non-scheduled items under authority.

Streamlined Recalls

You now have the flexibility to set a recall due date by selecting a date interval in days/weeks/months/years as well as selecting a specific date.

Printed Daily Appointment List

Both Practice Staff and Healthcare professionals can print their daily appointments for note taking and planning.

Robust allergy recording

A patient’s allergy and adverse reaction can now be captured under the Allergies/ Adverse reactions, this helps HCP’s to determine the risk associated with an allergy.

Simple and Intuitive Address Book

Direct access to your Address Book allowing you to add new contacts without going through the Letter Writer or the Billing module.  Add, edit, manage, filter and sort your Address Book with a few simple steps. Statuses will be displayed making it easier to identify approved, inactive or waiting for approval contacts.

Automatically generate Close the Gap scripts

You can generate Close the Gap scripts (CTG) automatically with the CTG number removing the need to enter the number manually.

New radiology and pathology providers added

We have added many new Pathology/Radiology providers which you can select as your preferred.

Avoid overprescribing

In the Health Summary, the last script date is shown instead of the date the prescription was updated, so that you can easily determine when the last prescription was given and avoid overprescribing.

Enhanced Letter Writer Functionality

Choose where you populate clinical summaries within your referral letters and attach relevant Pathology and Radiology results directly within a specialist referral letter.  

Manage your Queue with ease

Providing you more control to easily manage the patients in the Queue, moving patients within your queue if you require.

Helix is always up to date

With powerful servers operating off-premise, we take care of any regular software update roll-outs, including security updates, freeing your time to focus on what matters most, delivering quality care to patients.

Coming soon

Expanding on permissions settings

Flexibility to perform your role as defined by your practice.

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