What's new in Clinical 3.17.3a

Enhanced Medication Search Facility

Locate single or multi-ingredient medications that share an active ingredient seamlessly with our new updated medication search tool.

Performance Improvement Updates

New system enhancements speed up software performance, reducing the time to log on, open patient records and process common searches.

Automatic Monthly Drug Updates (MDRef)

Keep up-to-date with the latest monthly drug updates to ensure patient safety.

Record My Health Record Consent

You can now record patient consent to upload investigation results to their MyHealth Record in line with ADHA requirements.

Updates on the National Cervical Screening Program

New updates to reflect the renewed National Cervical Screening Program aimed at improving early detection via the National Cancer Screening Register.

Secure Health Education and Research Tool MD HEART

Securely share de-identified data, and effectively analyse and understand patient data on a local and national level. Create a wide range of insightful reports national population health comparisons, health trends and clinical research.

Address Book improvements

Improved process when switching between 'Person' accounts and 'Company' accounts within the  Address Book.

Template fields & tables in letter writer

Letter writer has added additional template fields, capturing more detailed emergency contact & next-of-kin information. You can also now add and edit tables within the letter writer window.

Healthlink and Clinical toggle

You can now easily switch between the Healthlink interface and Clinical by pressing Alt + Tab.

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Cervical Cytology & Medical Imaging

Cervical Cytology & Medical Imaging Requests to include an opt-in/out option for uploading reports to the patient's My Health Record.

My Health Record alerts

Adding alerts to remind users when HI / My Health Record Certificates are due to expire. 

SMTP emails

Ability to send email via Letter Writer using SMTP.

Medication strengths in Healthlink

Inclusion of medication strengths, and the 'description' text of patient referrals with data uploaded to HealthLink.

Single Sign On and Easy navigation between Pracsoft/Bluechip

Ability to toggle between Bluechip and Pracsoft via new 'Return to Billing Package' button.

Reprint Pathology requests

Ability to Reuse/Reprint Previous Pathology Requests

Address Book Online Directory

Adding the new Online Directory search, and an extended set of third-party search engines to your Address Book.

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