What's new in Bluechip 3.18.0

New and improved backup / restore functionality

Easily determine which document management system you currently use (ManageEzy or ImageLite). This information is required, should you wish to include documents when performing a backup.

Increased permissions for practice managers.

Practice Managers can now assign permission on behalf of Practitioner. They no longer need to rely on Practitioner login to assign banking permissions.

Easier OEC resubmission

Resubmit and Rename OEC without, re-entering details or creating a new OEC.

Online claiming through Eclipse

Bluechip now supports In Hospital Claiming and Online Eligibility Checking with Eclipse.

Easy EFTPOS reconciliation process

Ability to select all receipts in Banking which reduces time to reconcile large number of EFTPOS payments

SMS password protection

Increased SMS password protection to 30 characters

Easier referrals

Referrer provider numbers now appear in the doctor’s window. This assists with referring Practitioners that work at multiple locations.

Avoid duplicate patient data

Ability to run a report displaying the duplicate patients to assist with merging duplicates.

Prompts alerting product registration expiry

To ensure you receive ongoing software support, you will receive prompts advising your upcoming product registration expiry including the date of expiry.

Toggle between Clinical and Bluechip

If you run MedicalDirector Clinical in conjunction with Bluechip, you can now easily switch back to Bluechip from Clinical via the 'Return to Billing Package' button in Clinical's menu.

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DVA allied health online claiming

Ability to Claim via Medicare Online to Department of Veteran Affairs for services provided by Allied Health Professionals.

Multi-voucher functionality for eclipse IMC & OEC

Ability to submit multiple Invoices to Medicare via Eclipse Inpatient Medical Claiming without the need to submit individually as well as perform an Online Eligibility Check for multiple estimates.

Re-design of manage easy too make it compatible with later versions

Inital work has begun on Re-designing the ManageEzy Document Management to be compatible with version of SQL 2014 and above.

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