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What's new in AusDI

DRTC 3rd Edition

The latest and most relevant release of the SHPA’s DRTC 3rd Edition is now available in AusDI. Integrated seamlessly into the AusDI workflow, DRTC 3rd Edition includes a new enhanced monograph format in addition to small dose information and 50 new drugs.

Fred NXT (CMI) integration

Revision of the AusDI Fred NXT integration now provides seamless access to AusDI CMI over a modern and up to date interface for immediate viewing and printing.

Clear realtime account management

Recently added dedicated ‘My Account’ section within AusDI provides a clear real time overview of individual account details including products and subscription status in addition to simple access to password management.

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Monthly PBS Updates

Updated Monthly with the latest PBS information, guaranteed.

Additional medicines information availability

Continuously exploring additional content for inclusion within AusDI.

Pharmacy service delivery enhancements

Ongoing exploration of service delivery enhancements for AusDI and additional content.