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Report reveals patients want more health information from GPs

Recent research has found patients are getting more information from Dr Google than their doctors, but doctors need to consider becoming more proactive in giving patients what they really need to manage their health, Dr Charlotte Middleton, GP and Chief Medical Advisor at MedicalDirector, says.

Why clinical software pricing matters

At MedicalDirector, we take pride in offering the most premium clinical and practice management software on the market. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about the upcoming changes to our pricing model and how it may impact your practice.

12 FAQs about medicinal cannabis

In this article, we tackle all the key questions around medicinal cannabis, how patients can access it, how clinicians can prescribe and dispense it and the wider legal issues impacting prescription, cultivation and supply.

How to simplify your clinical management system

Have you ever wondered how your patient’s diagnostic and clinical reports and self-populating smart forms find their way into your MedicalDirector system? While it may seem to just happen, there is actually a high level of technical integration that takes the complexity out of this important functionality to make receiving/sending information easy for you.

5 Ways to boost patients’ clinical experience

Patients’ expectations from their GPs is changing rapidly, particularly as technology such as smartphones and wearables are already facilitating a highly personalised, engaging and real-time experience in other aspects of their everyday lives.

How specialists are using tech to boost patient experience

In this article, we take a look at examples of how specialists are using technology to boost workflow efficiency and free up more valuable time to deliver patient-centric care.
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