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Services Australia allows MedicalDirector users a grace period for Medicare web services

24 June, 2022

Services Australia allows MedicalDirector grace period for Medicare Web Services.

Services Australia has agreed to extend the deadline from June 30th to August 31st for practices using MedicalDirector Clinical, Pracsoft, and Bluechip that have not yet upgraded to the new Medicare web services-enabled version. MedicalDirector has already helped thousands of customers make the transition, and have many resources on their website to help you do the same within the new extended timeframe (

For practices using MedicalDirector Helix – since you are in the cloud, your ‘upgrade’ to the new Medicare web services-enabled version has all been taken care of for you and there is nothing else you need to do.

About MedicalDirector

MedicalDirector is a leading primary healthcare technology company that for over 25 years has provided innovative, proprietary software solutions that help General Practice (GP) and specialist medical practices deliver care to their patients. Our software platform integrates seamlessly to enable faster and more collaborative workflows in medical practices and connectivity into the broader healthcare system.

Approximately 23,000 clinicians use MedicalDirector to manage and deliver 80+ million patient consultations per year, across small and large medical practices. Key software features include practice management, clinical health records, medical billing, reporting, referral management and patient engagement.

Today, MedicalDirector is a first-mover in innovative, cloud-based healthcare software through Helix, and in delivering customisable solutions for medical professionals in Australia and now in the United Kingdom. The comprehensive suite of solutions utilises the latest tools and technologies to simplify workflows and enable interoperability across healthcare systems. With MedicalDirector, medical practices can manage higher patient volumes, improving productivity and providing doctors with the flexibility to deliver care anytime, anywhere on any device.