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MedicalDirector revitalises GP care plan use in Australia

26 October, 2020

Leading clinical software company MedicalDirector announces the launch of MedicalDirector Care. This crucial tool seeks to overcome barriers which prevent many GPs and practices from supporting chronic care in Australia.

The fact that MedicalDirector Care is accessible inside GP software, MedicalDirector Clinical, is crucial to its success in addressing these issues. For GPs, repetitive steps and errors are significantly reduced, as is time-spent on creating care plans, thanks to auto-population of data from the integrated patient records. Key steps, such as obtaining patient consent, assigning team members, generating referrals, and setting goals, are streamlined. Another exciting application of the tool is that fully customisable templates, based on leading industry standards, allow for accurate, compliant care plans to be easily replicated. Additionally, the dashboard view allows practices to easily monitor all active care plans, for proactive patient management.

MedicalDirector Care has been developed in consultation with General Practioners and other care plan administrators, and employs smart algorithms to contextualise the care plan creation process.

CEO of MedicalDirector, Matthew Bardsley, is hopeful that MedicalDirector Care will soon see more patients in Australia having access to improved coordinated care and better health outcomes.

“We’re committed to enabling ideal healthcare by supporting practices to efficiently care for patients with complex and chronic conditions,” Bardsley explains. “Our significant investment in the development of MedicalDirector Care will provide a new level of efficiency in supporting these critical services in our community”.

MedicalDirector Care is the latest in a number of recent innovations from MedicalDirector, including a fully integrated Telehealth solution inside its MedicalDirector Clinical platform, and cloud-based PMS, MedicalDirector Helix.

MedicalDirector Care demonstrates once again that MedicalDirector is on the cutting edge of new technology and innovation in the healthcare sector.


About MedicalDirector

MedicalDirector is a leading primary healthcare technology company that for over 25 years has provided innovative, proprietary software solutions that help General Practice (GP) and specialist medical practices deliver care to their patients. Our software platform integrates seamlessly to enable faster and more collaborative workflows in medical practices and connectivity into the broader healthcare system.

Approximately 20,000 clinicians use MedicalDirector to manage and deliver 80+ million patient consultations per year, across small and large medical practices. Key software features include practice management, clinical health records, medical billing, reporting, referral management and patient engagement.

Today, MedicalDirector is a first-mover in innovative, cloud-based healthcare software through Helix, and in delivering customisable solutions for medical professionals in Australia and now in the United Kingdom. The comprehensive suite of solutions utilises the latest tools and technologies to simplify workflows and enable interoperability across healthcare systems. With MedicalDirector, medical practices can manage higher patient volumes, improving productivity and providing doctors the flexibility to deliver care anytime, anywhere on any device.