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Industry-wide changes to prescribing – 1 February, 2021

23 December, 2020


By 1 February, 2021, it will be mandatory to include active ingredients on most PBS and RPBS prescriptions. The new law mandates that such prescriptions will now list only the active ingredient(s) of each medication unless the prescriber specifies that the brand name should be included as well.

It is critical that your prescribing software is compliant as soon as possible, to allow prescribers to become familiar with the changes, ahead of the 1 February, 2021 deadline.

We understand the immense pressure it puts on practices, particularly in a pandemic, to upgrade software, become familiar with new legislation and update clinical workflows.

The Active Ingredient Prescribing Hotline is available to all general practices in Australia. Please phone 1300 303 443 for further information, to ensure your practice is ready today.

Health Industry Advisory Team, MedicalDirector
Tel: 1300 303 443