Five ways to market your medical practice
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Five ways to market your medical practice

Technology is rapidly changing the way healthcare professionals can attract, retain and engage with their patients. In this article, we take a look at some key ways you can successfully market your practice in today’s increasingly competitive health marketplace.

1. Launch an engaging website

 A website that simply contains your basic practice contact details and offerings will no longer cut it if you really want to engage with today’s visually led, digitally savvy patients. Having a website that markets your practice, boosts patient engagement and loyalty, requires an approach that truly embraces the intersection between digital transformation patient-centricity.

Ensure your website is user-friendly, offers your patients with valuable and informative health resources and truly amplifies what sets you apart.

2. Use the power of Google AdWords

A successful Google AdWords practice marketing campaign can help patients find your practice online more easily, as it helps position your practice at the top of search results on Google.

Importantly, a strategic AdWords campaign can be specifically targeted to patients within your area, and you only pay when these potential patients click on your ad to find out more about your practice.

3. Optimise your practice website

The power of search engine optimisation can be a powerful tool to ensure your practice website ranks highly on search engines. You can contact SEO specialists to help give your practice website a full content audit and offer you advice on how to best structure your website’s technical architecture as well as optimise your content to achieve the best digital marketing results. There’s a useful guide to medical centre SEO in Australia here.

This is particularly crucial when you are starting a practice, as it is easier to hit the ground running with a strong, optimised bas infrastructure than having to reverse engineer and upgrade down the track.

4. Leverage feedback from your patients

Simple engagement tactics like appointment text reminders, follow up calls can give your patients the confidence that you are looking out for their wellbeing outside simply their designated booking slot. Meanwhile feedback surveys can help you consistently improve your practice to better serve your patients in the long run.

5. Embrace traditional marketing tactics

While e-marketing and online patient engagement can be a powerful way to help market your practice, simple traditional methods can compliment your digital strategy.

Branded brochures and resources in the waiting room, business cards and health factsheets can be powerful ways to amplify your practice’s ‘brand presence’, while offering your patients valuable health information and guidance.

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