How a medicines information database can help you prepare for Active Ingredient Prescribing 
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How a medicines information database can help you prepare for Active Ingredient Prescribing 

As well as talking to your patients and educating yourself on how active ingredient prescribing will work, using a medicines information database can help you get prepared so you can hit the ground running with active ingredient prescribing.  

Here are four ways a medicines information database like AusDI can help. 

Familiarise yourself with the active ingredient names you regularly prescribe

Most GPs are used to prescribing by brand name rather than active ingredient name. A database like AusDI makes searching for the active ingredient name really easy. Just search for the brand names you’re most familiar with and your search results will show you the associated active ingredient. Doing this now will save you time searching when active ingredients are prescribed for your patients in future.  

Find all the brands that use the same active ingredient

Search or browse for an active ingredient in your medicines information database and you’ll get a list of all the associated branded products currently available in Australia. This is another way to start learning and familiarising yourself with the active ingredient in different branded medications, and it can help you learn substitutes in the case that a medication isn’t available at the dispensing pharmacy.  

Learn more about safety

If you’re using AusDI, you’ll find that many of the active ingredients provided in the database are associated with one of our independent drug monographs, providing quick and easy access to more in-depth safety information. These documents are unique to MedicalDirector and deliver a broad range of safety information, including: 

  • Side effects and precautions to consider for a range of different patient profiles 
  • Effects on pathology tests 
  • Contraindications 
  • Dose recommendations 
  • Patient counselling notes. 

Prescribe with confidence

All the medicines information provided in MedicalDirector’s clinical platforms and medicines information products are managed, created and curated by a dedicated, in-house team of experienced medicines information pharmacists and editors. You can be confident that the information you access as we transition to active ingredient prescribing is always up to date, current and relevant.  

By using a medicines information database like AusDI to familiarise yourself with the different brand names and active ingredients now, you can be better prepared for active ingredient prescribing when it comes into effect. 

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