AUSDI: supporting rural and remote care
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AUSDI: supporting rural and remote care

It’s time to support rural pharmacy’s future

One‐third of Australia’s pharmacists work in rural and remote areas, but is there enough support available to ensure better patient outcomes? In this article, we take a look at how the future of rural pharmacy practice can be better supported using the right tools and solutions.

According to the Rural Pharmacy Support Network (RPSN), rural and remote areas have higher burdens of chronic disease, more incidents of accident and trauma and in many areas, more patients per pharmacy. This presents huge opportunities for remote pharmacists to contribute to the health outcome of patients.

But with the right tools and support, working in rural and remote pharmacies across Australia offers unique and exciting opportunities to enable better patient outcomes and quality of care.

Already, there are a number of public sector initiatives in place to support rural and remote pharmacy, including continuing professional education, emergency service and maintenance support.

At MedicalDirector, AusDI medicines database offers a growing range of tools and information to support rural pharmacy. And already, we’ve seen a positive correlation in our data between rural and remote pharmacy location and increased AusDI usage.

For instance, AusDI’s Product Identifier Module allows vital access to pill identification info in emergency situations, while independent drug monographs offer a broader range of medicines information including patient counseling tips and geriatric and paediatric precautions.

A comprehensive drug interaction and safety module can also all be accessed quickly in one unique centralised location, which can be vital to busy pharmacists who need quick, efficient access to key medicines support.

Importantly, a cloud-based tool like AusDI can be accessible anywhere and on any device, providing more flexible and real-time access to critical drugs and medicines information and support. All this helps support real-time outcomes for rural and remote pharmacies, enhancing patient safety.

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