How to prepare for ePrescribing with MedicalDirector Helix and Clinical 
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How to prepare for ePrescribing with MedicalDirector Helix and Clinical 

The ePrescribing rollout has started, and the healthcare industry as a whole is working to get platforms enabled and software up to date. If you’re using MedicalDirector Helix or Clinical, there are a few things you will need to do to make sure your systems are ready to go once ePrescribing is made available in your software.  

Government regulations lay out a number of requirements for practitioners and organisations before they can start prescribing electronically. If you already use Medicare’s online services for processing Medicare claims onsite, or you access MyHealthRecord you may already have some of these in place, but possibly not all.  

It’s worth taking a few moments now to check that you’re properly prepared so you can get started right away once ePrescribing becomes available. Below, we’ve outlined what you need to do to prepare. Alternatively, you can download the checklist. 


  • Check you have a HPI-O number. Before you can prescribe electronically, your practice will need to have an HPI-O (Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation) number. If you don’t have one, you will need to apply for one 
  • Ensure you have a PKI Site Certificate. Your practice will also need to have a Medicare Australia Signing Certificate and Encryption Certificate 
  • Set up eRx script exchange. Before you can start ePrescribing, you need to have eRx script exchange set up on your practice network. This is an Australia-wide internet-based gateway that allows prescriptions to be sent electronically and securely between practitioners and pharmacies.  


  • Each registered practitioner must have an HPI-I (Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual) number before they can write electronic prescriptions. If you are a practitioner registered with AHPRA you will already have an HPI-I allocated to you by Medicare. If you are not registered with AHPRA you will need to apply for an HPI-I. 
  • Each registered practitioner must also have a AHPRA (Australian Healthcare Practitioner Regulation Agency) number   

If we’re going to ensure a smooth roll out of ePrescribing, we all need to be ready. Prepare your practice now and your patients will be the first to benefit once ePrescriptions become available.  

MedicalDirector will be rolling out ePrescribing in accordance with the Australian Digital Health Agency’s timelines, and in conjunction with Government-recommended changes to pharmacy software to support and complement ePrescribing across the industry. When released, ePrescribing will be immediately available for all our practices using MedicalDirector Helix. Practices using MedicalDirector Clinical will need to install a patch. 

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