4 Smart habits of health cloud users
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4 Smart habits of health cloud users

Cloud technology is fast becoming recognised as not only enabling a better health digital ecosystem, but also helping to ease a lot of administrative burdens for busy health professionals.

In this article, we take a look at some smart habits of cloud clinical and practice management software that ease every day pressures and ensure a more streamlined and secure workflow system.

1. Seamless appointment management

Cloud-based clinical and practice software systems like Helix offer fast, streamlined and highly efficient ways of accessing and managing your appointment book. This is made possible by:

  • An enhanced user interface
  • Single or multiple clinician view options
  • Daily/weekly/monthly filters
  • Automatic OPV checks
  • Easy to update patient details
  • Drag and drop feature to change appointment times

In particular, users of Helix enjoy a faster and more accurate patient search by providing the ability to search a patient by first name, surname, Medicare number, patient ID with additional predictive text functionality.

The Appointment Book in Helix also includes integration with online booking engine partners such as MyHealthFirst, HotDoc and AutoMed, and SMS capabilities from partners such as MessageBird for appointment reminders and replies, which further improves practice time management and strengthen communication with patients.

2. Fast access to patient records

Users of cloud-based software can enjoy fast, efficient access to patient records, which are easy to navigate during busy times. For instance with Helix, the layout and information is organised and formatted to fit exactly how you actually think as a clinician, helping support more efficient clinical decision-making and improving the overall clinical experience for you and your patients by increasing the visibility and access of patient information.

Helix enables users to make filter patient records easily from a drop-down list, making accessing patient history much more efficient.  This ‘Patient Timeline’ includes functionality such as;

  • View previous consults and associated actions
  • View pathology and imaging results received electronically
  • View scanned documents
  • View recalls
  • View My Health Record Shared Health Summary log
  • Reprint pathology requests, imaging request and letters

 3. Streamlining common daily tasks

From prescriptions to referral letters, pathology requests and managing test results, smart cloud health software users are enjoying efficiencies in every aspect of the patient journey.

For instance, Helix offers automatic alerts that are generated for drug-allergies, drug-intolerances, drug-drug interactions, drug-gender, drug-pregnancy and drug-elite sports person. The Helix prescribing module is also enhanced by an integration of selected AusDI medicines information content, including PIs, CMIs and Independent Drug Monographs. AusDI is a leading medicines information resource brought to you by the MedicalDirector team and delivers one of the most comprehensive drug databases in Australia.

Helix also offers a streamlined process for generating pathology and imaging requests for patients, plus offers a number of easy to use templates for streamlining common workflow tasks like writing letters. And to enhance clinical outcomes and patient understanding, Helix provides users with a ‘Patient Education functionality tool. Integrated with partner Healthshare to provide access to over 1,200 up-to-date fact sheets from health organisations, users can simply print the relevant factsheet for their patient so the patient has more relevant information about their health and how to manage it.

4. Pain-free Medicare bulk billing

Users of innovative cloud-based software are already enjoying the benefits of faster, more accurate seamless patient processing. Award winning software like Helix already performs automatic Online Patient Verification (OPV) checks. This means users will no longer have to remember to perform a manual check prior to billing and if there were any failures, Helix will prevent the user from being able to issue the invoice until the problem is rectified or another billing method is chosen. This helps remove Medicare rejections that may result from invalid Medicare details and in turn reduce the workload of any practices that may face this common issue today.

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