Why more GPs are turning to cloud health software
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Why more GPs are turning to cloud health software

Cloud technology is fast becoming recognised as not only the future of enabling a better health digital ecosystem, but also helping to ease a lot of administrative burdens for busy health professionals.

In this article, we take a look at some key ways cloud technology can help busy practitioners save time and ease the stresses of the daily grind.

Interoperability and collaboration

Cloud-based solutions support collaboration in healthcare, allowing multiple stakeholders to share information securely and seamlessly across the network.

MedicalDirector’s recent whitepaper, Interoperability in healthcare: Synergising an industry, found a significant benefit of moving towards cloud-based solutions is that it supports more interoperable systems, which in turn benefits more efficient, coordinated care and improved patient outcomes.

More flexible, patient-centric care

MedicalDirector’s report further revealed cloud-based health solutions provides the digital infrastructure needed to effectively coordinate more flexible patient-centric care. When it comes to the cloud, 64% of respondents admitted they consider flexibility to be the main benefit of using a cloud-based systems, enhancing the workflow capabilities of care teams and improving the patient experience.

Better patient outcomes

Moving away from legacy, on-premises solutions and into the cloud will enable hospitals and health systems to improve workflow and efficiency, which will in turn enable healthcare providers to focus more closely on providing value-based care, improve the patient experience and achieve better clinical and hospital outcomes.

The efficient choice for starting a practice

One practice getting it right is We Care Medical Centre in Western Sydney, which implemented cloud-based clinical management platform Helix from the very beginning.

Helix, an innovative cloud-based solution by MedicalDirector, was the ideal choice for We Care Medical Centre as it offered flexibility, was easy to implement, navigate and provided functionality that the practice required while setting up.

“Because it is available on any device and anywhere, it actually really benefits me because I’m working in different places and it is definitely good for the day-to-day workflow of our practice. It is easy to use, easy to navigate, and you can access it anywhere. Plus it’s great to have everything in one place,” Dr. Swaminathan said.