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Medicare Web Services – keep things simple with cloud software

Find out just how easy it is to get your practice ready for Medicare Web Services if you have cloud clinical software.

Medicare Web Services is the new way to share data with Services Australia. From 13 March 2022, your clinical software must be web services compatible to continue accessing Services Australia’s digital health and aged care channels, including Medicare Online, DVA, the Australian Immunisation Register and ECLIPSE. If you use cloud clinical software such as MedicalDirector Helix, then getting your practice ready for Medicare Web Services is simple. Here’s why:

Automatic update to software

Medicare Web Services integrates directly with clinical software to enable a more secure and flexible online claims process. The technology that many software providers use is not compatible with Medicare Web Services, so you’ll need to update your software before 13 March 2022 (although there will be a short grace period where the existing infrastructure will continue to work).

If you use cloud clinical software, the Medicare Web Services update will occur automatically, so there is nothing further you need to do. Once the update has been rolled out (for MedicalDirector software, this is currently scheduled to begin in February 2022), you’ll simply see the changes in the software when you next log in.

If you use traditional on-premise software, however, you’ll need to upgrade to the new Medicare Web Services compatible version yourself. Depending on your practice, you may require IT support to manage this process for you.

Automatic PRODA authentication

Provider Digital Access (PRODA) is the new online verification and authentication system for Medicare Web Services. It uses the Australian Business Register to verify each person’s identity and organisation, and is fully secure, digital and portable across internet-enabled devices.

If you use MedicalDirector software (cloud or on-premise), PRODA authentication will be managed through the software itself. That means that once your software has been upgraded to the Medicare Web Services compatible version, you don’t need to step through a manual authentication process. Other software providers require you to register and manage your own PRODA account, which adds to the time you need to spend on admin.

With the software update and PRODA authentication taken care of for you, getting your practice ready for Medicare Web Services is easy if you use MedicalDirector cloud clinical software. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our team today.

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