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Working together to improve the future of health

At MedicalDirector, we have the vision to work together to make people healthier around the world. Find out how our collaborative approach is helping to driving innovation in healthcare.

A recent Martec article revealed the importance of a collaborative, creative office culture that support diversity, innovation and employee wellbeing. Importantly, it revealed how companies like MedicalDirector, who focus on turning their workplace culture into a ‘community’, are integral to making a positive impact within their industry.

“MedicalDirector supports smart and driven individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds to bring innovation to medical care in Australia,” it stated. “By abiding by its CODE – care, openness, delivery, empowerment – the company helps Australians tackle challenges surrounding healthcare in a modern way.”

This isn’t the first time MedicalDirector has been recognised as driving an open culture of diversity, creativity, collaboration and innovation.

In a recent interview appearing in the Symes Report, Symes Group’s founder, Jessica Symes, interviewed MedicalDirector’s CEO, Matthew Bardsley, about how the award-winning company is driving innovation in health technology, improving the efficiency, speed and security of data sharing, while boosting team cohesion at the same time.

“The best outcome I can see is just an eclectic bunch of people – all caring, all delivering, all on the same issues together,” Bardsley said.

To read the full Martec article and find out more, click here.