Handy resources and courses to help understand medical privacy compliance
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Handy resources and courses to help understand medical privacy compliance

Privacy, protecting sensitive patient data and minimising risk are essential for any medical practice in Australia, but how can a busy health professionals and practice managers keep on top of understanding compliance?

Here are five helpful resources to help save time and make understanding privacy compliance easier.

1. The RACGP’s guide to privacy and managing health information

 General practice has a fundamental role in ensuring the privacy of patient health information.

 The RACGP’s Privacy and managing health information in general practice, aligns with current best practice and examines the Privacy Act 1988 incorporating 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), and the relevant health records legislation.

The guide also contains helpful examples for compliance with each APP within the general practice setting.

2. State government websites

Victoria’s Better Health Channel offers easy to digest factsheets and resources on privacy, confidentiality, the responsibilities of healthcare providers and where to seek help. NSW health also offers a number of privacy manuals as well as internal guidelines and management plans. Queensland health offers a breadth of privacy information, as well as a helpful guide to handling privacy complaints.

3. Australian Medical Association (AMA)’s privacy handbook

The AMA’s Privacy and Health Record Resource Handbook For Medical Practitioners in the Private Sector is a helpful, comprehensive guide that is regularly updated to keep abreast of the latest development in privacy law. More recently, the AMA worked with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to ensure that the sample privacy policy is up to date and covers all necessary areas as required by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

4. The doctorportal learning’s eLearning module on privacy compliance in medical practice

For an in-depth understanding of privacy compliance, doctorportal learning offers a new eLearning Module prepared by privacy consultants, Salinger Privacy.

The Privacy compliance for medical practitioners, is a practical, self-paced online course that provides a helpful overview of privacy obligations in a medical practice setting. The one-hour module also outlines the steps needed to implement a compliant privacy management program for your practice.

Learning outcomes of the module include:

  1. Scope your privacy compliance obligations, working within the medical profession
  2. Recognise the typical risk areas found within a medical practice
  3. Map the practical steps needed to build a privacy compliance program for your practice
  4. Respond to privacy related requests to minimise risk of non-compliance

Accreditation for completing the module includes an ACRRM 1PDP, and RACGP 2 QI&CPD points.

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