3 ways to get the best out of your practice management software
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3 ways to get the best out of your practice management software

Are you getting the best out of your clinical and practice management software? In this article, we take a look at three simple ways you can ensure you’re using you and your team are using health technology more effectively to enable more efficient workflow practices, happier staff and safer management of patient data.

1. Training and development

You might have been trained up on using your clinical and practice management software when you first implemented it, but have you thought about a refresher? Software updates and enhancements often come with exciting new features, and training can be invaluable to get the most out of your software.

If you’d like a helping hand to get started, train new staff, or want to pick up some tips and shortcuts to further increase your efficiency in using any of our solutions, MedicalDirector offers a range of classroom training, online training and online or on-site consulting.

2. Software updates

You upgrade your phone, your operating systems, even your television, but what about upgrading your medical software in your practice?

A new upgrade could better support remote access via mobile devices, offer more streamlined booking functionality, integrate with other medical software better, or offer more patient engagement features that could give your practice a competitive advantage.

One of the main reasons for installing the latest update is to stay protected from security threats. Older versions of software may not provide the same level of security, potentially leaving your practice data at risk.

And with cybersecurity laws in full force, the pressure is on healthcare providers to be far more accountable for protecting sensitive patient data. So, don’t put your computer systems, or your reputation at risk by failing to utilise the latest software updates.

3. Reap the benefits of software integration

A clinical management and practice solution that integrates seamlessly with payment systems, patient engagement tools, factsheets and online booking systems can significantly boost a practice’s ability to manage patient records, administration tasks and workflow.

For instance, MedicalDirector’s clinical and practice management solutions integrate with a vast range of innovative partner solutions. Our Marketplace offers a growing partner ecosystem that enables you to tailor your clinical IT systems with innovative solutions suited to the unique needs of your practice. Marketplace is comprised of an array of health technology partners who offer the highest standard in innovation, service and reliability. Each Marketplace partner is handpicked for their proven effectiveness and innovation.




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