3 Reasons why you need to update medical software
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3 Reasons why you need to update medical software

When you’re running a busy practice, sometimes the last thing you want to do is stop all activity to update your software. But, while it’s tempting to put software updates off, failing to keep up-to-date can put your patients’ data, and the reputation of your practice at risk.

1. Your data may be at risk

One of the main reasons for installing the latest update is to stay protected from security threats. Older versions of software may not provide the same level of security, potentially leaving your practice data at risk.

For more complex updates, you will need to speak to your software solution provider to ensure all updates are carried out on time and seamlessly, while ensuring all sensitive data is protected.

2. Compliance with cybersecurity laws

Having the latest healthcare applications are absolutely critical when it comes to combatting security breaches, and prudent healthcare providers and practice managers need to ensure all software systems are updated regularly.

With the latest cybersecurity laws in full force, the pressure is on healthcare providers to be far more accountable for protecting sensitive patient data. So, don’t put your computer systems, or your reputation at risk by failing to utilise the latest software updates

3. You’ll miss out on the latest exciting software features

Software updates not only keep your systems more secure, but also help give you improved functionality and more features to make your end-user experience better, easier and more seamless. This is crucial for busy healthcare practices that need improved efficiency and more streamlined solutions to keep up with patient appointments.

Do you need to update your MedicalDirector software? Visit our support pages on Clinical, Pracsoft and Bluechip to find out more. Alternatively, to get in touch with our support team about how you can update your operating systems and software.

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