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New Health Data Portal trial: your questions answered

The Department of Health (the Department) is getting ready to trial the Health Data Portal (the Portal) during the June 2018 national Key Performance Indicator (nKPI) data collection. Here’s a snapshot of what you need to know:

What is the new Portal trial?

The trial will be in parallel with OCHREStreams which will still be the official reporting system for this collection.

Once successfully trialled and implemented, the Portal will replace OCHREStreams as the official system for Health Services to submit nKPIs, Online Services Report and Health Care Provider reporting data.

MedicalDirector is working closely with the Department to ensure that your Health Service’s data is able to automatically load to both OCHREStreams and the Portal during the trial period.

When does the trial commence?

From 1 July 2018, Health Services will be able to try out the Portal as part of the trial.

The Department is working towards deploying the Portal in time for the December 2018 nKPI reporting period.

More information about the Portal is available at the Health Data Portal webpage.

What is the new Security Token?

An important component of getting ready for the trial is installing a Security Token.

Security Tokens allow one system to talk to another system securely. Currently you will have a Security Token in place to send data from MedicalDirector to OCHREStreams. Installing another security token will ensure MedicalDirector can send your Health Service’s data to the Portal as well.

This is an important step for your Health Service to be ready for participate in the Portal trial.

The Security Token will be available to install from the Portal from early June 2018. In order to access the Security Token you must have an AUSKey and be registered with the Portal. Your Health Service will receive more information about how to install the Security Token from the Department in early June 2018.

What do MedicalDirector customers need to do?

To enable the new trial, there will be an update to your MD Insights product coming in June. You need to ensure the update is complete before you install the DoH portal security token to enable this new trial and its features.

Keep an eye out in our June Newsletter for more information on accessing the download link to the new software update, instructions for download and how to install the new DoH portal security token.

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