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My Aged Care e-Referral for GPs

GPs can play a key role in supporting patients to access aged care services to suit their needs with referrals to My Aged Care, and this has just become easier with the announcement by the Australian Government Department of Health and  HealthLink who have developed a new electronic referral process allowing GPs to refer their patients to My Aged Care directly from their clinical software. After an initial pilot and some improvements based on participant feedback, the new e-Referral form can be accessed from within MedicalDirector Clinical.

The e-Referral form is intuitive, easy to use and accessible through the patient’s electronic medical record. By pre-populating patient information, the focus is on screening the patient, making it a quick, secure and easy way to refer patients to My Aged Care.

Information on how to access the new e-Referral form, including Quick Start Guides, is also available on the My Aged Care website.  For technical support or to enable access to the new eReferral form, contact HealthLink via email or call 1800 125 036.

A new brochure called After you’ve registered with My Aged Care is available to support patients once they have been referred. The brochure can be can ordered for free through National Mailing and Marketing by emailing or calling (02) 6269 1025 quoting code 150150.

Feedback on the new e-Referral form can be referred to via email to