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Why clinical software pricing matters

At MedicalDirector, we take pride in offering the best in-market clinical and practice management software, while giving you added value when it comes to pricing and product.

Greater value to our customers

The upcoming price increase reflects the ongoing updates and innovations within our products, as well as added measures taken to enhance security and stability of our suite of software solutions. These benefits and enhancements include monthly drug updates, unlimited software support 7 days a week, as well as a dedicated Client Manager to help manage your account.

We continue to provide our customers with updates that improve performance and stability, and ensure it meets compliance.

What is the change in price?

The annual subscription and licence fee for your MedicalDirector software will increase by 5%.

When will the price change take effect?

You will see a price increase upon your next renewal or any new additions after 1st October 2019.

Which products will be affected?

The price change only affects on-premise products Clinical, Pracsoft and Bluechip.

Our commitment to you

At MedicalDirector, we are grateful to all our customers who see the value and benefit in leveraging our software solutions to enhance clinical workflow and improve patient experience. We remain committed to ensure you are completely satisfied with the quality and outcomes our software can provide to you in the next step of your journey with us.

For any queries please contact your dedicated Client Manager, call 1300 300 161