How to start a medical practice – your complete guide
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How to start a medical practice – your complete guide

Are you ready to run your own medical practice? Congratulations! Your decision marks a significant turning point in your professional medical career.

A smart medical practice business plan is built with efficient, agile and scalable processes in mind, while ensuring ideal levels of patient care and outcomes remain a top priority.

MedicalDirector is pleased to announce the release of our new complimentary ebook, ‘The Smart Guide to Starting a Medical Practice’.

In this comprehensive guide, we explain how to:

  • Start your practice business plan;
  • Calculate set-up costs;
  • Attract and retain the right team; and
  • Minimise risk and plan for the future

You’ll receive tips from leading health, finance, business and technology experts on how to start your practice smarter from the start. There’s also helpful checklists, infographics and tables to help get you organised and set you up on the path for success.

“Healthcare is undergoing significant transformation,” MedicalDirector’s CEO, Matt Bardsley, said. “Changing patient expectations, increased competition, digital transformation and tighter health data reforms mean a new practice needs to keep up with the pace of change if it wants to deliver the best patient experience and optimise health outcomes. In this ever-changing landscape, traditional ways of setting up a practice won’t set you up for success.”

According to Bardsley, a future-thinking, smart business plan for any medical practice needs to start with the premise that every dollar spent in healthcare needs to contribute to the most efficient and effective way of providing ideal levels of patient care and outcomes.

“Leveraging the smartest, most innovative practice management methods from the start will help empower your practice to boost efficiency, streamline and grow,” he added. “At MedicalDirector, what drives us in achieving our vision that together, we can make people healthier around the world, is to add greater value to the digital assets a practice needs, in order to increase the serviceability and demands of the market.”

In this ebook, one of the key takeaways is learning to adapt your business plan to meet today’s highly digitised and personalised medical landscape. This way, your practice can play a more pivotal role in delivering exceptional patient care – and pave the way for an exciting future in healthcare.

“At the same time, greater efficiencies and smarter ways of setting up your practice will enable you to grow your reputation as a leader in your industry, while balancing your work and lifestyle in a way that suits you and your family best,” Bardsley said.

To find out more, download  our free ebook:  ‘The Smart Guide to Starting a Medical Practice.’