Four tips to attract and retain millennial physicians
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Four tips to attract and retain millennial physicians

Millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, are quickly rising up as the dominating demographic set to change the future of healthcare. We take a look at some strategic ways your healthcare facility can attract and retain top millennial physician talent.

1. Offer a digitally empowered workplace

Millenials have grown up during a time of drastic economic and digital change – and they’ve hardly known a world without smartphones, the Internet or computers. This means it’s easy for millenials to understand and start using new software systems and are quite flexible, open minded and quick to adapt to change.

2. Ensure data compliance training

While millenials are early tech adopters, they have also grown up with the versatility of technology and interconnectedness that encourages sharing of information, sometimes to the point of ‘over sharing’ on social media. This means it’s imperative to implement regular and comprehensive data sharing training sessions within your practice to instill a culture of best practice when it comes to patient data privacy, security and control.

3. Encourage mentorship and collaboration

Growing up in an information-heavy environment means millenials are eager to learn and seek knowledge, while embracing a more collaborative working environment. Breaking down the siloes, encouraging knowledge sharing and mentorship can help keep thing fresh, dynamic and drive a positive culture of learning for your millennial talent.

4. Allow workplace flexibility

 With the rise of GP depression and burnout, it’s no wonder workplace flexibility is high on the agenda for more physicians. In fact, a recent AMA survey, 92 percent of millennial physicians in the US said they valued work-life balance, and 65 percent said they felt they had achieved it.

A cloud-based clinical and practice management solution like Helix can offer a more flexible work schedule, ability to easily work remotely and virtually, plus automate tasks to help free up valuable time – which are all fantastic measures to ensure a more well-balanced and efficient team of physicians.

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